Arlington J North

J North is a big part of the OGSB group and friend to Spence and W.D. for a couple of decades. He is also is the most private of the bunch. Spence calls him “The Businessman.” He does tend to dress better than the rest of us. He is the nerd guy who likes libraries. His favorite author is a longshoreman, Eric Hoffer, who educated himself by spending time in one. J went to a Christian school, teaches Sunday School, and often lectured at colleges on law enforcement things. Don’t play trivia games with him. WDE


  J North has a young adult fantasy work coming out soon about a beautiful girl named Kell whose BFF lives on another planet and her  skin is covered with fine golden feathers.

What if a handsome guy and a gorgeous girl grew up as neighbors and became soul mates in Junior High? What if each grew deeply in love with the other, during high school and made a pact to be loyal friends although they were really in love? What if, finally, each learned that the other felt exactly the same way – and had since childhood?What if they worked together through college, and both found great jobs?  You would think that would be unusual enough. But, what if their destiny was to spend their honeymoon on another planet? That would be different, wouldn’t it. 

When angels visit Kell and Rob on their honeymoon, they offer them a chance to be examples of love to the only girl on a new planet – a planet so new there is very little land. They live on huge root masses with alien creatures and are attacked by a presence that not only threatens the planet but their happiness together forever. They are in for the fight of their lives.

“Friends and readers everywhere, I was writing the ending to Kell, How do you Love on Another Planet, when the sequel began to develop in my mind. It’s so fulfilling to be guided by a God who stirs your imagination.   The next book, will be Kell: A Certain Something. If you have read the About page on the OSGB Project file, you know all of us are always looking for pre-readers for a passage,  or a chapter. OSGB is really a great spot for me; there are always new things happening.