Young Love & Fantasy – Arlington J North

Christian Author Arlington J North 

We just call him J — there is no period. He is a private kind of guy.

Inspirational new adult stories are what J North offers readers.  Angels are real, God is real, and therefore J is sure evil exists as well.  His stories show young people following Bible teachings without preaching — and he is not afraid of the people who tell him he should not do it that way.

J is a big part of the OGSB group and friend to Spence and W.D. for a couple of decades. He is also is the most private of the bunch. Spence calls him “The Businessman.” He does tend to dress better than the rest of us. He is the nerd guy who likes libraries. His favorite author is a longshoreman, Eric Hoffer, who educated himself by spending time in one. J went to a Christian school, teaches Sunday School, and often lectured at colleges on law enforcement things. Don’t play trivia games with him. WDE

 A love story series with angels, deity, spirits, and demons

J North has a young adult fantasy work coming out soon about a beautiful girl named Kell.

Kell and Rob are inspirational role models for new adults

What if two cute kids grew up to be a handsome guy and a gorgeous girl grew up living right next door? What if each grew deeply in love with the other but never revealed it to each other. They made a pact to stay friends, worked together through college, and both found great jobs. What if, finally, they admitted their friendship was more than that; they were deeply in love? They marry and go on a whirlwind honeymoon that many people would find fabulous. That would be a good story.

But Rob and Kell’s story is so much more than that.

When angels visit Kell and Rob on their honeymoon, they offer them a chance to be servants of God in a most unusual way – and they are in for the fight of their lives.

Kell, How do you Love on Another Planet is the first of a three-book series. The next book will be Kell: A Certain Something.  If you would like to get pre-reads of chapters and comment on the progress, let J North know. Sign up and mention in the comments ‘Pre-reads and Freebies.’