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Advanced Review Copies

When our books are almost ready to publish, we offer a number of things. Advanced Review Copies are ebooks only probably rough drafts or chapters. If you respond with a well-written critique you will get a free copy of the new book when published. We take ARC readers seriously. It is best when we are able to understand and ask questions about your comments to make a better reading experience for everyone. So expect some dialogue via email if you want to be an ARC reader.


We love it when you post a review on Amazon or elsewhere of our books. It’s not OK to ask you to post a review in exchange for a book. But, if you like any of our books or other media, we suggest you follow us and use the form to keep up with OGSB. We may even run a contest one day for you to guess what OGSB means. 

Our Addresses

W. D. Edmiston, Moderator
P.O. Box 436, Whitehouse, Texas 75791