Puppy Socialism

We can do something cool with this neat thing I found, doncha, think?

If you have a heart and maybe a puppy, you know what you must do when the well-intentioned little knot head comes, muddy footed through the doggy door again dragging something dead and nasty. Do you get rid of the dog, call it names, kick it? Well, I said “if you had a heart”, so no. Do you let him keep the smelly dead thing? No, unless you have a thing for stench. In most instances, we just love on the puppy, give it a breath chew and make a bit of fuss, to let them know you are displeased. They now know that all their ideas aren’t great ones. You wonder if the puppy thinks, “Gosh, we should do something with this great thing I found, don’t you think?”

That describes about half the population in America, who think they have an entirely new thought. It just popped right into their head. Maybe it will solve some conundrum that all the experts say can’t be fixed. It usually pops into their head after some character in a movie, or another puppy-minded individual, trying to be the smarter person in the room, mentions it. It’s why the irons in hotel rooms have a tag, “Do not use this device while still wearing the garment.” Oh, and a huge series of internet “fails.” Then their is the vacuous idea of socialism as a form of government. 

During the early 19th Century we had this new electricity stuff and we attached it to everything from plants to our fiddle-de-bits expecting it to be a panacea. Today it’s artificial intelligence and of course, the “new” idea of socialism.

Let’s first examine the thought that socialism is a new idea. Flatly, it isn’t. This type of idealistic take on government goes back to the Socrates and Plato. The latter came up with the idea that “really smart” people should run society and not so smart people should help them live their lives, spend heir money and provide situational ethics to daily routine.  It has been attempted with disasterous result. At least five times in the 20th century alone,  socialism failed on a grand scale resulting in a world war, intentional starvation, unintentional starvation, a slaughter of educated people, massive waste of resources and disillusionment of entire nations – and over 100 Million dead. We know why that happened, it’s no secret.  Socialism does not work because it’s the grand idea from the point of view of the guys who expect to be running things. And when they run things, they invariably resort to violence to enforce their will.

Then there is the issue of human nature. The great planners in the elite think all people “ought” to do everything the right way. When they try to design the right way for us they come up with something that is the very best, bestest way. Humans do not behave that way, even the Biblical Jesus  if you look at it objectively, couldn’t get that kind of response. He offered eternal life, the conquering of death to an audience aching for relief from poverty, judgement, corrupt politicians created by elitists. Even that beleagered group would not sign up 100%. He knew it too, telling his followers there would always be a remnant.

  It’s also called Utopian, which is an impossiblity in governmental affairs because of the same problem with human nature.  That is the difficulty with socialism and social programs, they are reaching for 100% effectiveness and participation  by everyone.  Idealism is tried on everything too, creating utopian programs with bookish names that mean nothing. They create, one social program after another, which falls short. And then there is the fact today that much of what is broken got that way from social programs.

America works best like aircraft engines, at ¾ throttle, producing best power at lowest fuel consumption. Not all airplanes fly as high, don’t carry as much and little ones are not as safe as big ones. Individually though, they work best when they operate at less than wide open throttle.

 Every year, those who rediscover socialism in college think, “Gosh, we ought to do something with this thing I found, don’t you think?” Trying socialism again is the rough equivalent of an intense examination of a puppy’s stool, hoping to find a clean end. Maybe use it as a Crayola. All it has ever done is create the same kind of smelly mess – and literally thousands and millions of dead people. One of the greater populist leaders said of socialism, “But the death of one person is a local tragedy, whereas the death of thousands is merely a statistic.”  Now that’s cold. It does not work, and the reasons why are easy to find, and yet they want to try it again.

Why is it then that people do the exact same thing as the puppy and yet we make excuses for them. The dog does not know better, but even a high school educated friend should know not to bring figuratively smelly things around. But they do, and you and I let them get away with it. What we should do is rub their noses in it and swat them with a newspaper. The rank and file American, just a small percentage of them, could stand up and give our representatives the notion they will not get reelected unless they do things the was we want – plans that work well when we and they work well. 

Spencer A. Allen

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