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Before the first line, tells you about Jack and his family. In Riverbottom Emperor, Jack and Danny August join forces on a long, disturbing and and dangerous case. They are both tough, experienced Texans investigating foreign and domestic cases in a world of constant tension. Jack’s brother Hale Brummett, a lawyer and former district attorney, now in private practice, brings Jack a case in the ghostly East Texas town of Macabre. A misfit named Buck Canton took a flashlight to a gunfight with a Macabre, Texas Police officer. It seems apparent, but although the officer had injuries, the officer’s .45 talked louder than the flashlight. Now a six-million-dollar lawsuit and bitter court battle over Buck’s death looms over the community and people are taking sides. Jack must answer one question, why would Buck Canton attack a police officer? It’s not an investigation really, more of a background check.

Jack asked questions in Macabre and it ignited a series of attempts on his life. The first instance involved a pursuit at over 100 miles per hour to save his life. What secrets are so powerful that the Canton family and many drug fueled men and women are willing to die to protect them. Jack and Danny are protected by their family and God, that’s all they need… well, there are the .45 pistols, and 12 bore shotguns with their large capacity magazines.