Jack Derrett Family

I’ve never read police procedurals aka crime thrillers that had pictures. That’s not what the picture above is about. Ann Derrett, Jack’s wife, is a hot shot lawyer who is partner in an Austin law firm. She’s hanging on him, because that’s what she does. Hale, his brother owns a law firm, is the former DA and highly politically connected. The last fellow in the picture is Danny August.

The picture is generated by AI. So it made Jack look too young for how I see him, but it’s very close. Danny August is a multi-millionaire and CEO of a private military and corporate security firm he founded along with four Army buddies. He calls those old friends His Patrol. Each are, even at retirement age, at their battlefield weight, and retain their physical skills. The are the bigger family to which, Jack’s people are a part.

If that’s as clear as muddy water right now. The book is right around the corner, or you could get the free eBook.

Before the First Line (the eBook)

Riverbottom Emperor is available for preorder, you can still get a copy of Before the First Line if you like. Its a collection of 5 short stories. Jack Derrett is a rugged, experienced police investigator, but he wasn’t borne that way. BTFL begins in high school and takes you through his rookie season to his journeyman phase. (about 17,000 eBook pages.)

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