Courage in Interesting Times


Courage is a virtue. Your beliefs, opinions, and well-considered thoughts bolster your courage. One of the reasons to write is to encourage other people, to show them how others solve problems. That is why I write fiction based on real stories. A person who believes what he is doing is right will accomplish what they tackle. Once they have voiced their opinion on something, it is hard to change their mind; and that is more true after they have put some intelligent well-researched thought to it.






There are other virtues we adopt, like knowing what is right and wrong. Being kind and generous to other people is a virtue as well. Living without bias is possible, even without shouting “I have no bias” from the rooftops. From the news, you would think that was the only way.

If you have courage. You can deal with any tough situation in life. Courage adds individuality and higher quality to the other virtues. But courage needs a creed. Most of us use those in the Bible – some people just hate to admit that.


Courage is required to stand by one’s principle and act upon our responsibility to resist dishonest and illegal pressure. Principles and responsibilities are written in creeds. When you know what is right and what worked before you will take action where the less courageous stand down. I know what to do at the scene of an auto accident, what to say to the 911 operator, my decision to be involved, testify, write a report, take the time, was made long ago. Now might be a good time for all of us to consider, what will I do with confronted by people harming others. You have seen that kind of thing on TV, what will you do if you are confronted with the same thing in your town? Plan now to be courageous, without resorting to violence. Over time, you will find yourself more ready to take responsibility, take action, and know when not to jump in at all.

That is what the characters in my books and the writers of OGSB Authors try to show us in our books. Being empathetic and helping is the good side of the line between good and evil.


For the person who wants real courage, the 2020 year is an opportune time to learn. The characters in my books would shake their heads over what you and I must face this year. But it is a time for courage. Think with that second deeper part of your brain about things. Sure, hot stories set in outrage and “can you believe what they did” are everywhere. How would you feel in the same situation? What would you do without the help of a lot of your friends, courageous friends? Most importantly, stop and ask yourself, do I have the intelligence and education to know how to judge what is right and wrong in this incident – or is there a way, a predicate, that guides our decisions by what we have done before? And most importantly, is what I’m being told true? The characters we write about at OGSB are often people who have seen a lot and know instinctively when they are not being told the truth. Why would you join in to promote a lie? Be brave enough to question what you are asked to believe. Fact-check even the juiciest gossip.

Destruction of anything is not courageous. Even is it is on social media. Name-calling is, by the way, the destruction of a person’s image, their reputation, or thinking you know all about them, when you have no real way of doing so.

Finally, understand courage is not throwing caution to the wind. Courage is knowing when something needs to be done and having a logical means to get it done. Be courageous.


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